Lo aaj keh diya hai unse, ki pyar hua tha tumse. Yeh bi keh ke ayi hu, ki pyar sirf mera tha. Usey apna naam na dena. Khwahishe bi meri thi, irada bi mera tha. Tujhe chahne ka faisla bi mera tha. Tujhe bhul jane ka vada bi mera tha. Tera haq ni hai hai... Continue Reading →


A Token Of Respect

Writing is liberating, they said. It’s therapeutic effect is sometimes recommended by psychiatrist for those battling depression. But it’s hard for someone like me to gather up thoughts and jot them down. Writing a part of your life is relatively easy or making characters and writing the good and bad for them is easy but... Continue Reading →


Milna tumse hua yu ki aaksh bi rahe na ab rudali, Justjoo ho, aarzoo ho aisa ki tum na the toh duniya alag si thi, Aksar mil jata hai koi raste mein yu ki jane anjane mein pehchan se bi zyada smjh aa jata hai, Aur yu hi safar mein chalte chalte koi apna sa... Continue Reading →

Illusionary Pathways

Wind brushing my cheeks Hair flowing away My thoughts silencing in speed The sun setting The speed of the air The smell of the city The air of the pollutants Yet love it all. Worries fading away as I sit in the back seat. All of it seems like an adventure, Not knowing the destination... Continue Reading →

What Am I Worth?

​I saw the nurse so happy, the moment I came out of my mother’s womb. She held for a second before saying something alien in a disgusted baritone. The happiness vanished before I could cry it out and tell her something. When someone held me in His arms, I could feel his masculine muscles crushing... Continue Reading →

Entente Cordiale With I

All throughout my life I kept saying to myself that one day all will turn out good and fair. And I still wonder when that will happen eventually. We all are running in the unknown direction which is pretty much like the ‘One Direction’ going in different pathways. We keep telling ourselves a lie that... Continue Reading →

Samartian X #1

X never loved going to school. Like ever. She ditastefully packed her bag in the morning. Her gestures were pretty evident that she didn’t want to go to school but alas she like daily had no option. So she tried becoming an eccedentisiat and smiled to her mother. Her mother served her the morning breakfast... Continue Reading →

Idiosyncratic X

She was lost. Lost in the meandering woods. She felt all alone. She cried for help. She kept crying her lungs out but in vain no one was there to hear her out. She couldn’t find her parents. She was there all alone in the jungle of life….. She kept running toward somewhere or someplace... Continue Reading →

Missing Something

You can only be in one place at any moment in time. If you feel you are missing out on something then you are. But it's not the party, or being with another person that you're missing, it's your own life. As long as you are thinking of where you could be, you are marking... Continue Reading →

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