Lo aaj keh diya hai unse, ki pyar hua tha tumse. Yeh bi keh ke ayi hu, ki pyar sirf mera tha. Usey apna naam na dena. Khwahishe bi meri thi, irada bi mera tha. Tujhe chahne ka faisla bi mera tha. Tujhe bhul jane ka vada bi mera tha. Tera haq ni hai hai... Continue Reading →



We met. We connected. Or so I felt. You told me about your life without asking about mine. I felt safe for the first time in a very long time. You were angry all the time. Even then, I felt accepted. You showed no benevolence. And then I fell. I fell for you. How did... Continue Reading →

Dear S (Part 3)

It isn't a good day anymore. You act as if anything is wrong, But not all is right anymore. All was good in our happy bubble. You were the perfect man which fictions, drew inspiration from. And the next day, You are gone. You say it's the same. But it's not. Something between us changed...... Continue Reading →

Illusionary Pathways

Wind brushing my cheeks Hair flowing away My thoughts silencing in speed The sun setting The speed of the air The smell of the city The air of the pollutants Yet love it all. Worries fading away as I sit in the back seat. All of it seems like an adventure, Not knowing the destination... Continue Reading →

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