Hello all!!
Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to my little creative space where I am en route to explore myself and find answers regarding life. I have this weird obsession with writing things out about anything that pops up in my head. It doesn’t always relate to what is going on in my life. I go above and beyond and even off the records and paint castles in my imagination. My blog is all about the aspirations of mine which I feel I couldn’t fulfill or something which I couldn’t do until now. I m an average personality. Very innocuous. But I reverie of being something humongous in my life. I feel that I have gone through a lot but actually (maybe) HAVEN’T seen anything at all. This blog is not about what I have or haven’t gone through. It’s about what I want to do. I want to narrate stories, write fiction books and what not. Blah Blah..! All big dreams but don’t know what to do, how to do… I m just basically lost in this explaining my blog as I m lost in my life. But I am trying to find a way and purpose in life. And this is what this Blog is about. I have a tendency of going off-track with writing patterns. Sometimes I go with addressing everything with me as in “I”, and other time I would go “She” or… well let’s leave it to being a mystery… So in particular I can’t ascribe my writing style to being just a narrative or a story or a poem… it’s going to include everything and anything.

I would be writing about some deep philosophical things(which i feel is deep XD) , reviewing stuffs going around the globe , narrating stories and anything that comes to my mind.

I have an intuition that maybe, just maybe this blog will help me to stand up on my feet.I am not absolutely that kind of person who writes and is good at expressing her heart out. I have a huge problem of not being able to express myself. But I am on the process of writing things out because lately it is my NIRVANA. So I m trying to express myself by not being bullied or laughed at by keeping my identity anonymous. I am using the pen name “Aparajita” which means ‘one who cannot be conquered’ in Hindi. This is a way of me trying to leave behind my past and move on with a new life and a new beginning. I’m trying to touch the sky and go beyond the blue horizon to do what I always wanted to – ‘fly high’.

But on the same note I even want people up here in this WordPress community, at least those who are contemplating my work to kindly be censuring enough to let me know of my mistakes. I will be more thankful to them who can help me in my journey to be able to express myself. I would seriously appreciate if any grammar-nazis could pinpoint my blunders.

Join me on this journey of life where Words are my ornaments and eloquent Writing is my strength.
And Last but not the least Thank you for taking out time to read my work. 🙂


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