A Token Of Respect

Writing is liberating, they said. It’s therapeutic effect is sometimes recommended by psychiatrist for those battling depression. But it’s hard for someone like me to gather up thoughts and jot them down. Writing a part of your life is relatively easy or making characters and writing the good and bad for them is easy but trying to compile all that you have and what you should is hard.

But then nothing is fair and easy. You just can’t think that it’s a straight way out to the destination. Striving hard is the only key to everything. Being lazy and vegetating like a potato is not going to get you anywhere. There is no middle way. There is no shortcut as well. There are no chances of a backup plan. If you really want something, you cannot think of plan B if you dream of plan A.  You just cannot.  Plan A is and should be your prime focus. Success is not in our hands but trying for it is. There is no hard and fast rule for success in life, only one being, you have to work for it. The passion and dreams you see with open eyes are the ones worth staying awake for.  Also challenges that come along the way, is what makes the journey interesting. And the hurdles that come are only magnified by our mind and perception. Nothing is as big as it seems.

There are a lot of hurdles in life and the responsibility of your underachievement or even failure  is nowhere your near ones. No matter how hard your folks make it for you, it’s no excuse for failure. It’s a common thing. You are not the only one who is struggling. Everyone is fighting their own trouble and battle in this world and just particularly you are no exception. Finding a way out, is what should be your goal. It isn’t easy but sure hell is not tough as well. If you want something badly work for it. If it doesn’t come the straight way out, try a different approach and get it done. Bottom-line can be said is nothing is impossible. Reverie and just blankly dreaming with no work is what leads to disheartening in the long run. Losing hope and giving up on your own self is what it leads to. What is important is stick to a schedule that fits you and just you. It’s your life in the end. Making a plan or preparing a disciplined schedule or life is not a tough job, sticking to it that is. Consistency is the key to success. However following a schedule at times can become boring and other lucrative options would lure you in. But you should’nt give up to your crazy senses and should listen to the brain. But  its also important to try out new things and experience things that you haven’t done in life. There should be zeal and thrill to run the life and that is only possible when you try new things and not tie yourself up in a boundary and mark a comfort zone. In the end afterall its all about the BALANCE. Get out of the comfort zone and explore new things to not just venture and expand but also to learn and gain things which money can’t buy and words can’t explain.

Confusion is the anathema of our lives. Confused about career, confused about love, confused about future, confused about today and aught. There are phases in life where you just go blank. And for me that phase is typically now. You don’t feel things. You don’t understand things anymore neither do you  want to. All you want is it to end. We just want it to end or maybe to run away from things and leave all this mess behind. Yes that’s what it is, a mess.  A complex spider web where we all are stuck.  The feeling is similar to being on the side track with given up all will and power for running the race. And it is in those instances that you feel you need someone to just pull you out of it.

You need that one person who can just solve your problems as if it’s a labyrinth. Such kind people who are pure from heart and have a bright shining soul, easily calm down your racing mind with their aura. You fall in love with their aura and vibe. And it’s not the one which happens out of lust or infatuation in mind. If you call them at 3am in the morning and they try to help you out in making you a strategic schedule, even when they want to do something else. These particular kinds are the ones you call “friends”.  These are the people who inspired the quote “Friend in need is friend indeed”. They are there no matter what. They might not meet you daily or talk to you on a regular basis but whenever they do, it’s like they are actually the ones who are genuine with their speech baritone. Humanity is in reality restored by these kinds of good people. And how they do so, is unexplainable.  And people like us( including me) take vantage of such good people and make them lose faith in goodness and faith by taking their ways of helping others for granted. Just so it happens that you don’t want to lose such great conversation like a friendly counselling, you jot it down and give it all words and voices that you possibly can. Not just to remember what it was, but out of respect for that person who took time out of their busy schedule to lecture on life when it is none of their part of job to do so.


~ Aparajita

P.s- Thanks VB. 🙂


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