Dear S (Part 3)

It isn’t a good day anymore.

You act as if anything is wrong,

But not all is right anymore.

All was good in our happy bubble.

You were the perfect man which fictions, drew inspiration from.

And the next day,

You are gone.

You say it’s the same.

But it’s not.

Something between us changed…

Now I don’t seem to be your priority.

Now you don’t​ remember me.

I am nobody to you as I was before.

I fell for you and u left.

I broke like vase does on marble.

My already broken heart was more, shattered than before.

Now my mind and heart blame me for this misery and pain.

It’s all my fault…

Is it??

You never felt anything?

No reason, No note for your walking out of my life.

You left me in pieces wondering what went wrong. What did I do?

Your baritone changed.

Your sweet voice didn’t utter sweetness for me no more.

Am I nobody?

I get you are busy.

Very busy.

No calls, I understand.

No texts, I understand.

But it seems I have driven you insane and you left.

Just like that.

No explanation.

Now I feel great to have crushed my self respect by begging you to talk to me atleast once.

Now I feel like an idiot to wait for you endlessly.

Now I feel like a lovelorn bitch.

All thanks to you for making me so proud of my this horrible existence with stupidity and idiocracy.

Maybe I am cursed.

Maybe I am naive.

Maybe its how its meant to be.



Picture courtesy: Instagram page of Thescribbledstories. 


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