Illusionary Pathways

Wind brushing my cheeks

Hair flowing away

My thoughts silencing in speed

The sun setting

The speed of the air

The smell of the city

The air of the pollutants

Yet love it all.

Worries fading away as I sit in the back seat.

All of it seems like an adventure,

Not knowing the destination is a thrill on its own.

Not lost, just meandering

With a known unknown soul

Is this real?

Riding on an indefinite road

Never ending roads

One where you cant take a turn

Never finishing options,

So much of beauty to admire

Just then, when you see the red hopeful sunrays last beam and the reddish full moon faded from the other end

Smiling at each other’s glory

Saying its all in what you see.

Riding in velocity in between, where sun says goodbye to the moon

I walked as I rode

Travelled till there was nowhere to go.

The highway will never finish off.

The life will neither.

Live what it is, no matter how messy it gets.

Appreciate what you see,experience because there are people who spend billions on themselves just to showoff.

But the reality is they are all alone.

And I have fallen in love with this lonely road.

For it taught me to be ‘me’.

And when I took my helmet off, on the halt

I searched for the stars in the moonlit sky.





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