Perfect frien-trangers

Two strangers,

Walking along the path to nowhere.

Lost in the zero hour calmness,

Trying to give each other amity,

Striving hard to forget past.

He tells her stories of the endless adventures.

She listens to them thinking, how much luck he got by his side..

He was the perfect guy who can make any girl go weak at her knees.

But She didn’t want to let him in,

Scared of the unknown,

Fearing the inevitable again.

But he was different and unique.

He might not have left at all.

Maybe He would have treated her differently.

His intoxicated ethics is the sexiest her ears has ever heard.

His habits make him seem like a loner and the one who got hurt incessantly..

She wants to fix everyone up.

Tries to give him support but HOW? and WHY?

She can’t! She shouldn’t!

How can broken vase be the one which holds a handful of sand?

How can someone who is hollow be the one who fills someone with a wounded heart?

Maybe she is wrong.

Maybe he doesn’t need a shoulder. Maybe he didn’t need anything at all.

Maybe she should stop caring about everyone who walks in her life.

Maybe she should stop thinking of trying to help everyone out.

But who will tell whom, what?

They seemed like two lonely hearts and that’s just what the girl felt.

All the guy wanted was mere company. He was pretty out and clear about it.

The friendship was killed, the care died.

Only because she thought way too much,

And was too scared of feelings which she shouldn’t feel again.

Now they do talk.

Their roads do cross once in a while,

But the gaps between them have developed a wall of unsaid words and blank conversations.

Unheard reality,

Came back and hit both of them,

And the one who was broken was

Sense of humanity in this inhumane world.




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