Entente Cordiale With I

All throughout my life I kept saying to myself that one day all will turn out good and fair. And I still wonder when that will happen eventually. We all are running in the unknown direction which is pretty much like the ‘One Direction’ going in different pathways. We keep telling ourselves a lie that all will be well. But in fact we just procrastinate the fact that this is reality. Accepting the reality as it is the real bravery. We keep thinking that one day all our worries, pain will be just wiped off by someone out there whom we call the ‘God’. It’s not true. It’s not the truth at all.

God is not someone who would clean out our mess. He is the master of the universe not a servant or someone who cleans up the wrong we do and create. He just doesn’t. He is there just to help us whenever we need the helping hand not when we use him. We can’t be mean to him. Look at our psychology: We only run to him whenever we are in danger. What about those times whenever I passed with flying numbers. Or then when someone did something good to us. We tend to be in the nature of using the good opportunities and not appreciating whatever good happens. We are so keenly interested in looking at the negative end that we forget the good that ever happens. Like the other day when I was walking to store and an old man asked us for direction and I told him the route, he didn’t say any thanks to me which made me feel little absurd. But when I rewinded my own events that day earlier, I didn’t thank a gentleman who delivered me the goods I ordered online; that too in this summer. Well he is paid for it but a thanks wouldn’t have led to harm to me. Would it?

But then again I am no God either. Why should I be the one forgiving and saying thanks and become a good person? Well the answer is pretty simple then. Karma. “As you sow, so shall you reap”. I can’t just expect a life of millionaire being a**hole. What we do comes back to us. The law of karma is a very subtle topic which seems to be deliberately non-ending. It is the ultimate truth. We should accept the fact that whatever we are getting today is the payback of what we did before. We must have had sown the seeds of whatever is coming in our way. And so hence we must embrace what comes to us because it is our brainchild. What is in the way is the way. The road to finding our own self is just there. We just need to embrace ourselves, not fight the real me all the time. We must not keep complaining that I m pain because of someone or something. No can make me feel in pain or happiness. It’s ME, the ‘I’ in me who controls everything. So, we must just sit back and relax and enjoy life instead of running away and tring to escape from our own selves.


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