Samartian X #1

X never loved going to school. Like ever. She ditastefully packed her bag in the morning. Her gestures were pretty evident that she didn’t want to go to school but alas she like daily had no option. So she tried becoming an eccedentisiat and smiled to her mother. Her mother served her the morning breakfast with a lovely hug of warmth. By now she have known pretty well that her daughter wasn’t normal. She couldn’t socialise much and therefore the fondness of going to school wasn’t there. At all. She told her daughter “Don’t worry child you will make new friends today.” X smiled and said  “You don’t have to say that. I will make it through.” X’s dad came over at the table and said in a commanding voice “Go and socialise. Don’t be a coward. Talk to people don’t show them attitude.”

She was always scared of her father. He was not always so threatening but when it came to X, he always had been this strict figure who loathed his own baby. X tried her best to impress him by doing all little sums and English home works and showing them to her father to scoring A+ in her grades. All in vain. It was like he never loved her. She always felt the need of his warmness around her. She always needed her father to be there when she walked to when she slept. She had it all when she was just 2 years old and when X didn’t have a competition in her life.

X’s mother protested and said in defence of her daughter and said “She tries. Don’t push her so much, Charlie.” She faced X and said “It will be memorable day today. Don’t worry. When you get back home I make you your favourite chocolate pudding.” X replied “Can’t wait for the school to end then.” She left the table after finishing her part of the breakfast. She didn’t say anything to her father. She adopted the silence policy towards him. He rolled his eyes at X’s mother to show that he barely cares about X.

X went to the bus stop all alone like every day. Other kids would be usually accompanied by their parents. But rarely her mother would come to drop her off at the stop. At the mere age of 6, X had learnt how to dress up in her school uniform to boarding the school bus. She was all alone physically but mentally she always had her best friend just by her side. Always.

It was the last day of her school so everyone was happy as they would be going to their respective vacations in a few days from now. When the school bus came she boarded the bus with six others. All of them had already had a seat reserved for their friends. X moved to the last seat which was called the loner seat. Everyone was already shouting. X was in silence but she had him by her side. She knew someone was there whom she called the best friend.

She always thought it was a he. She talked to him. Even though her friend didn’t have a name she could feel him in the air, the sunshine, the raindrops…. She was happy that no one could take him away from her. He was hers only.

In the bus she sat at the last seat to talk to her friend. And started telling him about the early morning schedule which happened a few hours ago. It was then when the bus started rolling. The morning breeze which X felt on her little cheeks made her feel that her friend was listening to her. She was happy on her way to little prison. She was happy in the complexity of the complex world. Though she couldn’t make space for herself in this space but she utterly started living.

To be continued…..


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