Idiosyncratic X

She was lost. Lost in the meandering woods. She felt all alone. She cried for help. She kept crying her lungs out but in vain no one was there to hear her out. She couldn’t find her parents. She was there all alone in the jungle of life….. She kept running toward somewhere or someplace or…. Nowhere… And then, X woke up like a jolt of thunder. She was sweating like an elephant would if he was running on a treadmill. She must have lost of weight due to running in her dreams. This dream had haunted her over a few years for now. But to her this wasn’t a dream. She felt it as if this was in truth. She always felt that one day this might happen to her where she would be lost in the no-hood of life and this dream might be a clue to finding the answer beforehand. Little did she know what was written in her destiny. Not just her nobody knows what is actually there in their destiny. But is it true? Is it really so that nobody knows what is to happen next? Or is it pre-planned?? All of it? Or is there someone out there who writes all our destiny?

X have a habit of sweating over any particular topic like a million times. The mulling procedure seems like a loop procedure in her brain functionality. So when she woke up inadvertently she started brooding upon her dream. She thought and thought. And then again she felt like going to sleep not because she was lethargic but she wanted to finish her head trip and end her anxiety of being alone FOREVER. Suddenly her mother came in through the door to find her elder kid sweating and crying in mid sleep she came to her little one. “What’s wrong, baby? “ Mother said. The only thing X did was hugged her and said “Don’t leave me, please!”

It was in this very moment that X’s different nature started to bother her mother. She had been worried about her elder daughter more than her son C.The dreams X used to get all the time, the odd behaviour, inability to socialise and the list of all the things which all others could do at her age have started bothering her now. Earlier she felt that her kid have got a truck load of love due to which X had started to act in a certain way she don’t have to do or even try. X didn’t even try to walk when she was little. She always wanted to be asleep or cry. All the time till she was 4 years old. She didn’t even wanted to go to kinder gardens where she might have made friends to do ‘grrrr’ and making ‘aww’ faces and sounds for the adults. She loathed going anywhere but her father’s lap. She loved him. She was different from other kids. When her little sibling was born she was happy to play with him. But she never wanted to be the responsible one. She was weak and petite. This was being clear to her mother. X never spoke much. The only sounds she would ever make was when she cried.

It was late morning when X was in her lap crying and begging not to leave. Her mother remembered the day her little baby girl was born. She was over the top to give birth to a baby and becoming a mother for the first time. She was so happy to take the little alien in her arms. She was so little she feared that she might crush her. She forwarded her passage of time and saw how her little baby couldn’t do normal things and now harsh she had been on her. Thinking all of this she pulled X closer to her.

Both mother daughter were having a little bonding time when C started crying. C was asleep few minutes ago. But he woke up. His mother who was up till now hugging his sister circumvented to take C in her arms to sing him a lullaby to sleep. X stopped crying and came back to her senses that she was no more a baby. She tried being a little grownup and said to C “ Why do keep crying? All you always do is eat, sleep and ordure all the time.” She gave him a grumpy look and jumped off the bed with little legs to go out of the room and do her normal day routine.

She started walking towards the door when she saw that her legs were feebler now than ever before. They were shaky after the nightmare she just had. She was dilly- dallying when she saw a piece of leaf near the door. She leaned down to take it in her hands. She bent down and quickly took it in her hand. She was about to get on her feet when she saw in front. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She shouted at the top of her lungs. She was there. It was there. The demon of loneliness was here. She was in the house which was in the meandering woods where she was just fighting to find her parents. She was there. She was still there in her dreams. Yet again.

She kept walking. No matter what the world called her. She was brave inside. Out of nowhere all of a sudden there was light in her dream. She could see the Sun. finally the Sun have risen to show the little girl her way out. She finally started running towards the light. And kept running. And running….. And then she was out out there in the place where there was peace. She have reached to her actual home. The home of the lord. She reached out to the light. She tried to touch it. When the light came to becoming an oval shaped red golden halo light. The point of light started radiating light throughout the forest. She was happy because she have found it. She have reached there. She have come to her home. This was her parent. The LIGHT. She was happy. Very happy.

It was then when she was so happy in her dream that her mother came in her room and pulled away all the blinds. The room was filled with the sunlight. Her mother shook her to life when she was there with her best friend and her parent. X came back to reality and opened her eyes to see her mother was shouting at her for waking up late. She quickly checked her bed side watch and it too seem to bark at her. It was 11 o’ Clock in the morning. She have yet again missed her school bus and it meant she have yet again succeeded in not going to her school. She smiled goofily and said to her mother “Good morning, Mommy!!” to which her mom replied “It’s an hour left to afternoon. So Good afternoon! And because you woke up late hence no breakfast today. Suffer and tomorrow you will wake up early.” X laughed and said “Yay! That’s double good news this morning.”



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