Incongruity with the Self

One day out of nowhere it occurred to me that people often say that life has got a purpose.. I mean everyone has to have a purpose in life. But how do we know what do we want?? What are we really made for. As it is shown in Cinderella stories that a prince charming will come on a white horse and would only select that one person who he is meant for but my question is.. How many princes are there..?? There are million of girls in this world and how many prince charming can possibly be out there? At the end of the day everyone deserves a prince charming no matter what kind of bitch she is. How would he know I am the one? It is also there in those fairy tales believer’s mind that one day the whole world would change like that of Cinderella. One day some magic shit will happen and in that one second the whole world would change for her. My question is- Did the purpose of my Life & Prince Dashing got stuck in a Condom ?? Where are they??  Life has taken innumerable twists in this life of mine and I m absolutely clueless as to what I want. They say follow your heart. But what should I do when my heart does say anything apart from beating ‘lub-dub’. I have changed my passion, aspirations and liking according to everyone because I guess I never had a intuition of my own. Where is my inner voice gone?? Have I killed my own voice which is meant to be my guiding light?? I have been  trying to find it since eternity and I cant hear it. Or did my ears go numb to not hear it? Or maybe I have actually gagged up my intuition…The world says don’t worry child things will fall into place on its own. BUT WHEN? How long should One wait for the Soul inside us to answer the most primal question of my existence – What is the purpose of my life??? Depression is taking over me like a lion eating a deer. It is eating me from inside out. The will to live no more seems legit. And guess what I am helpless to answer my own self -What Am I here for? And now My own self Appalls me…..



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