X Series: Steps to being Recumbent

The day when X’s brother C was born was the day which demarcated the beginning of end of her life. She was really happy to hear that she had a little brother to play with now. When she went to visit him to the hospital she was really petrified to see something so small and tiny to throw hands and legs in the air. She thought him to be an alien. She went on to take him in her grip to embrace him and then her dad said “No don’t try to hold him! He will fall!” She looked at his eyes and saw glimmering lights in C’s eyes. He didn cry. He became the apple of everyone’s eye. Suddenly everyone loved C and forgot about X’ s presence.

When C and Mommy were back home from hospital X was enthralling with joy. She bounced up and down like a little grasshopper more than ecstatic to see her brother back home. Little did she knew what was about to happen few years from then on. C was more of a happy and gay fella. He never cried like her sister. He always loved being in the lap of everyone. But C hated X to the core from his day one.

In one instance where X tried holding C happened so that he yelled and cried to death which made Mommy angry and she ran to help. X was terrified as to what her mom would interpret it as. She slapped her and said “Don’t dare touch him”.. X couldn help not cry. She was not allowed to touch her own little brother. She wasnt allowed to touch that creature which was pretty much a part of her family because of her. She was shattered.

Who is to be blamed here ?? Nobody. Her mother is protecting his child. The little girl’s self esteem is getting degraded each time she is shouted at for everything is done. X have started feeling that she is jinxed. All the emotions that she is going through because she is the minor priority to her parents than her brother. This is just the seed being planted in her mind that she is the ‘Unwanted One’ which was always said commonly in her house whenever she did anything impish. Her self esteem started shattering like the one of broken glass from the day her brother was born.


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