X is Born

On an autumn evening of October she was born. Like all little babies she too had the same body but she was different. Maybe it was her past life which made her inevitably different from others. Her parents loved her for what she was because she was one of the first baby girl of the house. Everyone was happy. Mommy, Daddy and her uncle , aunt and grandparents as well. Everything she did made her love her more because her all tine-tiny things made her different. The little girl always kept crying all the time. She was afraid of everyone around her. She was born with a fear of everything and everyone.

Slowly when she grew up to be a baby who can walk and talk she couldn’t stand. She never wanted to walk. All she wanted was to be with her father. She thought him to be a hero. Her mother on the other hand was scared of her being a handicap wanted her to walk and run but she never wanted to walk or run. Her parents wanted her to be perfect. She couldn’t just be what her parents wanted. That was the first time when she started letting down her parents.

Her first school was not her school in mind. She was forcefully sent to school. All that little girl wanted to do was sit at home and play. She was tied up, gagged and beat a million times when she misbehaved. But who did this to her. Her Hero!! Her dad was a hot tempered man who loved her daughter but never really thought what to do when she didn’t act normal. Her mom too had a hatred towards her insane behaviour. She used to disturb them like all babies. But one thing she always did was never settling to do what she was asked to do. Little babies are meant to play with dolls and miniature kitchen games instead X used to sign and scribble everywhere. She even ruined her parents marriage pictures. Such notoriousity.

Her parents thought that if she have another baby to play with, that could possibly invoke her to be responsible and be a elder and behave. X soon had a baby brother ushered onto her when she was only halfway through to a decade of her birth. Will her brother make her any normal ??


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